About Us

Awaazi is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System for automated interaction with telephone callers. Pre-recorded voice prompts are used to present information and options to callers and phone keypad entry to collect their responses.
Company’s operations become much easier with automated system integration, which include-

-IVR takes care of callers seeking account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, currency rates, flight timings or just promotional schemes.

-Current news, entertaining news, product/service/offer information etc. are broadcasted effortlessly.


-Awaazi’s nifty dashboard comes with both Broadcast and Survey options
-Admin can select messages for both Broadcast and Survey
-Admin is authorized to create, edit, delete particular Broadcast and Survey options

Call Center

Automated call centre solution for banks, enterprises are executed smoothly


Our solution provides option for customization as per requirement

Secured Access

The necessary access security has been ensured for safe experience

Repeated Survey

Particular surveys may be repeated several times after each prefixed interval

Interactive Cloud Based Report

The two way interactive responses are sorted and with those information cloud based report is generated

Voice Broadcast

Broadcast will take place by predetermined and prerecorded message enunciated by previously chosen voice

Customized Survey

Combination of both key press and voice response are incorporated in same Survey

Key press Response

Phone keypad entry is enabled to collect the responses right after the questions

Voice Record Response

Certain surveys allow responses in the form of voice response


Authorized admin can schedule for particular Broadcast and Survey message beforehand

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